Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why I'm on bed rest.

I've been on bed rest since the beginning of my 16th week of pregnancy. Before getting pregnant I knew that since I am high risk, I would have to be on bed rest at some point during my pregnancy. I just didn't realize how soon it would start.
               I was put on bed rest just as a precaution at first, but during my 20 week cervical length check my cervix decided to shorten to 2.7 cm (4.0 cm is normal). My high risk specialist and my OB weren't too concerned about it, but instructed me to continue strict bed rest and have it measured again in a week. Strict bed rest is basically spending the majority of your day off your feet. I am allowed to eat at the dinner table, take a short shower, and walk bit around the house to prevent blood clots. I am not allowed to clean, cook, go to the store where I could be walking long, I’m also on pelvic rest.  

At my follow up checkup (21 weeks), my cervix shortened a bit more to 2.5 cm. As you can imagine my disappointment, I almost started to lose hope and think “great my cerclage isn't working, I’m just broken mommy” But thinking that way wasn't going to help or make things any better. My husband had to remind me that things happen for a reason and that I needed to stay positive for me and our baby. So, I did just that and kept my mind off of the “what ifs” and only thought of the positives in life. I also continued to talk to God and pray for our health.

My next cervical length check happened when I was 23 weeks. I had my husband; my nana and my Nina go with me for support. Much to my surprise, my cervix grew back up to 3.0 cm! I had the biggest smile on my face and my husband and family were so thrilled that our prayers were being answered. I know a couple of centimeters aren't much but to me every little bit counts, and I just want my baby to stay cooking as long as she can inside momma haha.  I couldn't stop smiling after getting this great news. I had to text and call every one of my friends and family members to give them the update. My next checkup will be at 25 weeks.

For any pregnant women going through this, just know that a positive mind and prayer can go a long way. It is an emotional roller coaster, but we have to remember that we are strong women and our babies need us to stay strong for them. My baby is my motivation and I will do anything and everything I can to keep her staying nice and healthy.  Also remember God is always with us. 


  1. always stay positive and prayer is the key. good luck and god bless you :)

  2. God is good for sure!! You && baby girl are going to make it && be healthy! Prayer is amazing, && i will keep you and that baby in my prayers! :)

  3. Hope your doing well!