Wednesday, November 7, 2012

26 Week Update

This week has actually gone pretty smoothly have noticed my tummy growing a bit more. It’s exciting to know that she is getting bigger and growing perfectly. She moves all day long J her sleeping habits seem to be in sync with mine. I rarely feel her movement while I sleep. Speaking of sleep, I do not have any trouble sleeping. I had recently have been watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and I found that most pregnant women by now experience insomnia or discomfort while trying to sleep. So, I am very fortunate that I have yet to experience that. I’m sure my time will come, but for now I’m enjoying the rest haha.
·        Celery
·        Pink lady apples
·        Captain Crunch cereal (without milk)
·        Orange Juice
·        Skittles candy
·        No heart burn or acid reflux
·        Shortness of breath occasionally.
·        Oil skin.
·        No nausea or heart burn at all! Thumbs up for that!
·        Occasional burst of energy.

Belly Shot!

6 and a half months
26 weeks

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