Friday, December 21, 2012

DIY Wipe Case

Whenever I get the chance I love to be creative and crafty and make stuff for myself or others. As I started to put together my hospital diaper bag I realized I wanted a cute wipe case to put in it. I searched online to buy one but then thought to myself, why don’t I just try to make one. After all I am home, I have time, and it would be that much more special knowing I made it myself. Plus, some of the wipe cases I’ve seen online were kind of pricy so this would also help my budget ;)

I decided to take pictures along the way and also show you how I did it. That way I may inspire some of you mommies out there to make your own as well.  And if you are not a mommy yet no worries, these will make a great baby shower gift! ;)

Materials I used

I dont remember the exact dimentions I used for the fabric but you will just need enough to cover the top and bottom. (2 pieces)

Step 1
First, un-wrap the wipe case and hot glue the batting to the top of the case. I only hot glued around the edges to make sure the batting stayed fluffy. Doing This will help add a cushion to the case and hide the Huggies dispenser lid. (note: only use batting on top of the case)

Step 2
Trim the extra batting off. This part does not have to be perfect because we are just going to cover it with fabric.

Step 3
Place your desired fabric on top and carefully hot glue around the edges. As I glued all the way around the case, I made sure that I was pulling the fabric tightly to create a nice and neat look. Do this to the bottom of the case as well.

Step 4
Trim the edges. I used scissors, but I wish I had smaller sharper scissors or a roller cutter to make my life a little easier haha. But oh well, The scissors did its job.

Step 5
Measure a strip of ribbon and hot glue just the edges. You don’t want the look of the hot glue bead underneath the ribbon. I also used a thinner black ribbon to add a little more to the pink and I thought it looked cuter J

Step 6
Using the thinner black ribbon, I glued this all around the edges to hide the seams of the fabric. No worries if you accidently glue the case shut (I did haha) once it was all glued I just popped it open.

Step 7
Add anything else you like! I made a little bow with the extra ribbon I had and I just glued it to the corner.

***The fabric I used shreaded a lot while making this case. So, to stop this from continuing I used a lighter and lightly burned the edges to seal it.***

I also made a wipe case for my Godsons diaper bag.  :)

Average cost of handmade wipe cases online: $12.00- $25.00 (shipping and wipes not included)

My DIY cost: around $10.00

I hope you enjoyed this! It was fun and easy to make :)

I wish you all a safe and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 


  1. omg i love it :) i did today for my baby girl super excited :) i like your blog :) have a great weekend xoxo.

  2. Oh my! My daughter is in love with the fabric that you used. I know that this is an older post; but, would you happen to remember the name of this fabric print and where did you buy it? Thanks, T